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“Every great dream begins with a dreamer. Always remember, you have within you the strength, the patience, and the passion to reach for the stars to change the world.”

The secret of getting ahead is getting started.

Who Are We?


ArieCan Productions was founded in 2017 by Larry Harris and Leonard Martin, both People of Color who decided that the best way to create quality content that spoke to their audience was to do it themselves. Together they created Chapter 2 'The Web Series', available online and from streaming services. Based in Baltimore, ArieCan creates film and TV productions.


"It starts with a dream"


Leonard says, “Baltimore has a wealth of talent and potential. We were disappointed at how little recognition there was. So we decided to create Chapter 2 'The Web Series'”.


Larry continues, “It was a huge adventure – we didn't know what we were doing when we started, but then we 'learned-by-doing' and it has become a great success. 


The pair had to struggle to get the series made, and it is a testament to their drive and enthusiasm that this TV show exists.

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What Does ArieCan Symbolize?


The company's name is based on the founders' astrological signs: Larry is an Aries; Leonard is a Cancer and together they came up with the name ArieCan Productions. The slogan “It starts with a dream” became their way of life.


Press and Media Coverage


ArieCan Productions has been creating a great buzz in 2020 with articles written about the company on such notable sites like Yahoo! News, The NY Weekly, Google News, Kivo Daily, and many other news outlets.

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Meet The Team

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Larry Harris

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About Larry Harris


Larry Harris is a film director, writer, and producer. Larry is the Co-Owner of ArieCan Productions a Baltimore Based Production Company. He served time in the military and received Honorable Discharge for his country. He is best known for being the Co-Creator, Writer & Director of Chapter 2 'The Web Series'.


Larry was born and raised in Baltimore, MD. He’s the oldest of four children. He’s the author of his own autobiography ‘The Mask’. He received his Bachelor of Science Degree in Criminal Justice from Ashworth College in Atlanta, GA.


Larry says, “We couldn’t get through the doors of anyone else’s projects, so we had to build our own door. So, everything we’re doing now is to help others who are like us. Those who have the vision but need that push to get started. ArieCan Productions is really big on helping anyone who asks and those who are dedicated and willing to do the work.” 

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Leonard Martin

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About Leonard Martin


Leonard Martin is a film director, writer, and producer. Leonard is the Co-Owner of ArieCan Productions a Baltimore Based Production Company. He is best known for being the Co-creator, Writer & Director of Chapter 2 ‘The Web Series’.


Leonard was born and raised in Baltimore, MD. He is a twin and the oldest of five children. Leonard graduated from Ashworth College, located in Atlanta Georgia, with a bachelor's degree in Business Administration. Film has always been his passion. He worked hard to achieve his goals, but it was not an easy road.


Leonard is self-taught but, in an attempt to succeed he collaborated with other people in the same industry. He is big on utilizing the wealth of talent available in Baltimore, which is why Chapter 2 'The Web Series' is set in that location. Leonard says, by climbing the ladder to success his company ArieCan Productions have also brought along aspiring people in the same industry.