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What has been the most difficult aspect about starting a career in entertainment? 

The most difficult part in the beginning was that no one wanted or was willing to help us. But the blessing is that we were forced to learn everything on our own, literally everything and we have a deeper appreciation and respect for each aspect of filmmaking. Even though we still don’t receive any help from anyone we manage to continue to find ways to perfect our craft year after year.




ArieCan Productions, the company is home to 3 hit series Chapter 2 and two new groundbreaking shows: the drama series Secrets and comedic series Dear Diary. Larry and Leonard each vulnerably share how they made lemonade from the challenges and struggles they have faced in their lives.

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Baltimore sits as a major city in Maryland, known for its long and rich history and its riveting culture. It is also home to many talented people who are more than eager to share their God-given flair with the world. Among these gifted individuals are Larry Harris and Leonard Martin, the brilliant minds behind ArieCan Productions.

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The unique, vibrant and picturesque city of Baltimore, Maryland, is known for many things. Its historic monuments, its diverse and rich cultural heritage, and most of all, the talented individuals who are more than eager to share their artistic flair with the world. Among the city’s most notable individuals are Larry Harris and Leonard Martin, film directors, writers, executive producers, and the innovative minds behind ArieCan Productions.

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What many see in Hollywood is glitz and glamour, the quest for fame and the struggle to remain in public view and relevant too. However, there is an underground struggle in the Hollywood community to stand for something and be known by it, mission statement, aims, the personality of those involved, which sometimes can be conflicting. For ArieCan Productions, the goal is not to be different but to bring something different to tv, tell compelling stories and revolutionize the cinematic experience. 


Many talented actors want to build successful careers in mainstream movies or television shows. But that dream is not as easy to achieve as it seems. While there is an abundance of talented artists, there is a lack of opportunities and avenues for them to be part of projects. Enter ArieCan Productions. This homegrown production company celebrates Baltimore’s talent and gives them an opportunity to shine. 

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Attaining stardom is no longer difficult, thanks to the proliferation of the internet. The power to rise to the top is now up for grabs, and it has become easier than ever to get noticed by notable platforms. Larry Harris and Leonard Martin took things into their hands to establish a production company called ArieCan Productions to help talents grow, thrive, and achieve success.

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For years, talented individuals have remained underground due to their inability to access the proper channels to bring them into the spotlight. Two friends, Larry Harris and Leonard Martin, have found a way to help artists hit the spotlight through their company, ArieCan. This platform promises a level playing ground for talented individuals out there to create entertaining content.

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The entertainment industry and Hollywood, in particular, is personality and fame-driven, meaning talents often go unrecognized if they do not have an influential backing or support. Production companies, casting companies and every shot-caller in Hollywood are interested in the antecedents of their casts and crew, therefore leaving no room for new stars to emerge. As Larry Harris posits, as a person of color, “nobody wanted to work with us, not even as an extra.” 


Larry and Leonard's first project together, Chapter 2 "The Web Series" has turned out to be one of the biggest success stories. In September 2017, ArieCan Productions released the first 9 episodes of the original web series, which quickly turned into one of the best dramedies on the web. Season 1 was able to get over 336,000+ views on YouTube alone.


Larry grew up on Edmondson and Poplar Grove. Leonard grew up around the corner on Mount in West Baltimore.  These two started Ariecan Productions. Larry is an Aries, Leonard is a Cancer. Their YouTube and Amazon series has a tremendous following.

While COVID has sidelined them, they still are spending time collecting awards for their work. Everybody in the show is from Baltimore. Scenes are from all over the city.

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Chapter 2 is an original web series released by ArieCan Productions following the life and misadventures of newly-single Jonathan, as he maneuvers through life with his overbearing mother and problematic friends. It quickly turned into one of the best drama-comedies on the internet, and the cliff-hanger it ends with each season has the fans clamoring for more. 


Chapter 2 ‘The Web Series’ is a YouTube and Amazon Prime hit series. The Baltimore based series is back with scorching new drama and the stakes are higher than ever. Trust me this is a series you don’t want to miss. Go to to catch up on season 2 and watch the first two shocking episodes of season 3.


Storytelling is a powerful way to communicate ideas to the world, chronicling the struggles and triumphs of an individual or a group of people. However, in today’s entertainment industry, people of color are constantly misrepresented in the media. The available contents fail to grasp the diverse and multi-faceted culture of the people. For this reason, ArieCan Productions is stepping up to set things right and actively combat the underrepresentation by providing a platform for aspiring actors to tell their stories and showcase their talent.


There are a lot of talented individuals out there. However, many of these individuals are not given a chance to be exposed to a big audience. It’s a shame for such talent to be buried under the vast amount of content that fills the world today. Fortunately, ArieCan Productions is shedding light on talented individuals, bringing them to the center stage and letting audiences get their fill.


Over the years, the film and TV industry has continued to evolve in diverse ways, often in the direction of prevalence. However, despite this, not all can be considered an absolute success. For Leonard Martin and Larry Harris, the art of filmmaking is not just about profit-making; it’s bringing joy to people who enjoy entertainment and prefer it served in the form of a remarkable narrative.

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Movies and films have gone a long way in including more people of color in entertainment. But while things have improved, there is still a lot to be done in the name of inclusivity, diversity, and representation. ArieCan Productions, a Baltimore-based production company, aims to fill the gap and provide better opportunities for aspiring actors in the Baltimore area.


The entertainment industry, and Hollywood in particular, is highly competitive and fame-driven, leaving no room for upcoming stars to emerge. So for Larry Harris and Leonard Martin, having spent such a long time in the underground with nobody willing to give them even the slightest chance, they felt compelled to create an all-inclusive, talent-driven production company at the heart of Baltimore. Four years later, ArieCan Productions is fast staking its claim on the entertainment industry and becoming unstoppable at it. 


ArieCan is focused on bringing together the community by producing the best hits you will ever come across! The brains behind the success of ArieCan are Larry Harris and Leonard Martin, who together, decided to produce the best content and make it comfortable for the audience. That is when they came up with Chapter 2, The Web Series.



In a world where the balance is tilted and in the process of attaining equilibrium, groups of people who have been marginalized for a long time are doing everything to gain equality in every possible way. In entertainment and filmmaking, Larry Harris and Leonard Martin are taking the mantle to etch their names in gold by building ArieCan a successful entertainment outfit that creates highly entertaining, creating and addictive content.


Hi and welcome Ariecan Productions! Will you first introduce who is behind Ariecan? Tell us a little more about how you first got into producing film?

Thank you for that awesome welcome. We are Larry & Leonard both born and raised in Baltimore, MD. I’m (Larry) the oldest of four kids raised by my grandmother who meant the absolute world to me. I’m also a self-published author of my first memoir called ‘The Mask’. In the book I talk about my tumultuous childhood and how I overcame obstacles that led me to where I am today. And I’m (Leonard) the oldest of five kids raised by my mom and grandmother. I’m working full time, in college finishing my master’s degree in Business Administration and operating ArieCan whew I’m busy lol. 

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Where can we catch the up-and-coming films you have in the pipeline and share your socials with us!

Our two new shows Secrets (drama) and Dear Diary (comedy) will be streamed from our website We offer monthly and yearly streaming packages. You can also get caught up on our very first series, Chapter 2. That’s the show that put ArieCan on the
map. We also have a reality show filmed already (we actually filmed that show in between filming Secrets and Dear Diary, we were filming 3 shows at the same time) and we’re planning on releasing two more shows by the end of 2022 so ArieCan will be very busy this year.

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