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 We are looking for raw talent!   Talent is paid per episode.  Apply below. 

     Casting for The    Braxton's Season 2   

Production    will    start   in June.

Kehlani Braxton

Supporting. Female. 25-40

Kehlani Braxton – Straight. Mother of Caleb and daughter of the Pastor. Kehlani is still grieving the loss of her son Caleb. Patricia is covering her tracks to make sure Kehlani never finds out what she did to Caleb. Kehlani and her brother Kenneth clash when their dad chooses his heir to take over the dynasty.

Kenneth Braxton Jr.
Lead. Male. 25-40; 5'5"-6'4".
Kenneth Braxton Jr.- Straight. He's the cunning Pastor of the church and a very intelligent man with a dark past. Kenneth is married to Patricia Braxton. He's mysterious and flirtatious. The decisions he makes take a serious toll on his family, but he will do anything to keep the past in the past.
Corey Grainger

Supporting. Male. 21-35

Corey Grainger - Love interest and best friend for David Braxton - bisexual male; clean cut, athletic build, 130-180 lbs., 5’7”– 6’; Corey is loud, funny, and the life of the party. Corey and David are having troubles in their new ‘relationship’. David wants to keep things secret because he’s still married to Antwan, and he feels that Corey is too free with his sexuality.

Donavan Bryant

Supporting. Male. 21-40

Donavan Bryant – boytoy and worker for Victoria - straight; clean cut, athletic build, straight - 130-180 lbs., 5’7”-6'; Donavan is a homie, he’s quiet at times but cool as hell. When Victoria calls, he comes running. Donovan is a man’s man but he’s secretly working for outside forces trying to destroy the Braxton dynasty from within. He also has a double life.

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