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Chapter 2: First Cousins

The laughs, the drama and the craziness is back. It’s a new generation of the Simmons family and they are just as crazy as their first cousins.. Family secrets and scandals haunt the cousins as they realize the once powerful Simmons name is now nothing more than a mere mockery of its former glory days.

Aiden Simmons (main): athletic to medium build, sexy and charming, 5’5”– 6'3"ft, 130lbs–230lbs. Gay. Aiden is a very attractive guy who’s used to getting what he wants. He finds himself always in love triangles and his friends are always caught in the middle. Note: Role requires appearing shirtless and/or in underwear.

Lamonte (Lamon-tay) Simmons (main): clean-cut, athletic build, 130 lbs-230 lbs, 5’5”– 6'3". Straight, Lamonte is funny and the life of the party. He's very thoughtful and loyal to his friends and family. Note: Role requires appearing shirtless and/or in underwear.

Nova Simmons (main): 5’– 5'11", 105-200lbs. Straight; Nova is the girl everybody wants to have a friend. She's fun and outgoing, but she's not so good as a girlfriend, and her decisions will cost her.

Ava Reed (supporting): 5’– 5'11", 105-200lbs Straight; She's a fun girl but she realizes she made a huge mistake by leaving ex. Will seeing him again bring new opportunity or will it be a complete disaster?

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