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Lemon meringue Pie - Sweet and tart lemon scent with a hint of graham cracker notes to smell as good as a fresh lemon meringue pie.

Strawberry Daiquiri - a refreshing blend of fresh strawberries, tangy lemon, and sweet vanilla scents.


Black Raspberry Vanilla Cream - a combination of blackberries, raspberries, musk, and sweet creamy vanilla.


Vanilla Buttercream - Tahitian Vanilla, powdered sugar and butter rum whipped with sweet churned butter. Smells just like buttercream cake frosting.



These room sprays or linen sprays are great to freshen up any room in your home. Our room and linen sprays are made with skin safe fragrances, however each person's skin is different so please discontinue use if allergen occurs. Before using your room spray for the first time please shake the bottle 8-10 times. Enjoy the scents we have available.

AC Room Spray's 4oz

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